cello lessons

about the lessons

You are welcome to have cello lessons at any age, and at any level. Absolute beginner, some or more experienced amateur, one who has more advanced or one with professional experiences and goals... There are no age or level limitations.

To improve your level, learn music deeper... enjoy cello playing and music on your own or with others... play in amateur orchestras, string ensembles… prepare for professional goals. At cellostudio, you can find a personally suited way for yourself and enjoy playing the cello and music while you achieve your goals.


In the lessons, the primary goal is cello playing and music overall, but not only. Another aim is to form a link and a learning path with the music that you like; so that you can enjoy music on another level.

There will be a way personally suited to you, so that you can enjoy and progress at the same time. Apart from the standard material, we can always work on what you would like to as well, and decide on a program together. For those who play in ensembles or orchestras, it is possible to spend time on the ensemble, chamber music, orchestra parts as well.

playing together in the lessons

Key and clear explanations, sometimes an analytical approach, knowing what and how to do are essential as they form the base; which I am very fond of. However, by playing together you learn on a level that can not be reached by instructions, explanations or demonstrations. It is the interactive music making experience that makes you learn on a different level, in an intuitive and natural manner.

In addition, from a music making point of view, music gains even more meaning when it is done together; as my mother - a great piano pedagog and pianist - once said: "Music starts to become what it is with chamber music."

Playing together is an essential part of the lessons, from the beginning already, as my teaching material is (almost always) written for two instruments, including the exercises / etudes / method / pieces.

chamber music lessons

In these lessons there will be instructions and help on playing the individual parts as well when necessary, but the lessons are about playing together, making music together and basic principles of chamber music playing, listening to each other, to react, to define your role, etc... Improving your use of bow, finding common ways in articulation, intonation, balance, phrasing, colour; and foremost of all, to learn and understand the music and musical text you are working on.

If you have ensembles that you would like to have chamber music lessons / coaching with, you are welcome to cellostudio as well. The lesson fees vary on the ensemble and the situation.

theory lessons

Theory is covered briefly in the cello lessons. But for those who would like to understand the musical text deeper, music theory lessons are also offered separately as well. It covers essential fundamentals such as harmony, form, structure, analysis...etc...

To have theory lessons, you don't need to be having cello lessons at cellostudio.