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An agreement and rules document (it is not a contract) that defines what is to be expected from both sides in advance is available. It contains all the related information in detail. Feel free to ask for it, if you want to know more than what you see on this website.

As much as I am more comfortable with teaching in English, lessons in Dutch are possible. Feel free ask for it.

lesson scheduling

Lessons take place weekly or once-in-two-weeks basis. There is room and possibility for irregular exceptions.

The season is September until July, but many times, lessons in July and August are also possible. You can join in and start whenever you would like to. You don’t have to wait for the beginning of a season.

Most of the time the lessons continue during holiday periods, as long as the location is open.

teaching location and facilities

Lessons take place in a teaching studio in the north of Groningen at Muziek Organisatie Noord (MON). It is a combined organisation for teaching and rehearsing, as well as performing music.

There is a cafe-bar present in the building for waiting or taking your time before or after the lesson. It is also possible to practice in the building by renting a practice room.

location address and access

Bieslookstraat 23, 9731 HH, Groningen

(see the maps button below)

Free parking in front of the building is available if you are arriving by car. In case you would like to use public transport, bus connections are frequent enough with 10-15 mins of walk from the bus stop.

For pictures, address, website of the location see the links below.

online lessons

For those who find it diffucult to regularly attend lessons at the location (could be for various reasons such as not living in Groningen), online lessons are possible to combine it with (live) lessons. Frequency and arrangement to be discussed.

video lessons

This is an alternative to online lessons for those who prefer. You are expected to make video(s) of the assignment(s) or any kind of lesson content and send them to me. You will receive back a lesson video prepared by me in response. See if it suits you.

lesson fees

Hourly fees of the lessons vary with an average of €43 depending on the plan. Plan defines the number of lessons per month and lesson duration. Please contact for more detailed information.

The fees are exclusive BTW (21%). For those younger than 21 years of age, no BTW apply. University (or equivalent) students should let know as well for a possible discount.

Payments are expected monthly, in the begining of every month as fixed payments over the season.

For more information, please contact through:


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