Sinan Ercan


Sinan followed private lessons of the cellist and cello pedagog Sinasi Cilden during the years he obtained his bachelors degree in Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, METU in Ankara. After his B.Sc. he moved to the Netherlands to study cello with Jan-Ype Nota and Michel Strauss at the Prins Claus Conservatoire, which he completed in 2010. He continued his studies with Peter Bruns (Berlin) and Jeroen Reuling (Arnhem), receiving his master of music degree in July 2012.

During his study years he had several masterclasses with many well known cellists including: Gary Hoffman, Richard Aaron, Marcio Carneiro, Gavriel Lipkind, Godfried Hoogeveen, in addition to several chamber music festivals and courses he attended.

musical interests

Sinan is interested in and enjoys a very diverse range of music styles. Trained as a classical cellist, he enjoys performing the traditional repertoire - among a variety of styles, particularly the style of classical period as well as old music. This interest was the motivation of his research dissertation as he was looking for the origins, the use and development of the slur notation in string music though the music history; exploring various related concepts such as articulation, singing, speaking qualities in string playing.

With a diverse contrast, he performs and has a lot of interest in non-classical styles including jazz, film music, light music, electronic music. As a contrast to his quite conservative research subject, his master project was about relation between picture (movie) and music, designing and creating a performance of live music over movie segments. His background in performing music live for theatre was the inspiration and the source of it.

performing experience

Next to being a regular member of the Noordpool Orkest, Sinan has been working as a free-lance musician with various orchestras and chamber music ensembles in the Netherlands, including Noord Nederlands Orkest, Orkest van het Oosten, Nederlandse Reis Opera, and Ardesko; and various chamber music ensembles.

He has had the experience of playing in all major concert halls in the Netherlands including Concertgebouw, Theater Carré, de Doelen, Luxor, Koninklijke Schouwburg; as well as performing live on Radio4, several times both in chamber music and orchestral formations.

teaching practice

Besides performing, he gives cello and chamber music / ensemble lessons in his own practice in addition to working as a replacing cello teacher at the music school Groningen (known as Bij Vrijdag), where he did his internship, after studying cello methodology explicitly.

As an enthusiastic teacher, he enjoys guiding his pupils achieving their goals, being part of making music. With almost 15 years of teaching experience, he patiently adapts to each student’s learning style and rhythm.